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    Assessing my mom’s credit card strategy

    I recently wrote a post about offering some advice to my brother about credit card annual fees. Similarly, my mom recently asked me what I thought should be her next card. So like any normal son, I told her that I would write an entire blog about the question. She is also (probably) my only consistent reader, so I have to give her some reason to keep on coming back! First, assessing her current situation My mom is in a particularly envious situation as she has only signed up for one credit card in the past 24 months. In other words, she is only at 1/24, on Chase’s ‘5/24’ count.…

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    The only hotel worth your Chase Ultimate Rewards

    My absolute favorite thing about Chase Ultimate Rewards is the ability to transfer points to one of their airline or hotel partners. There are 13 partners in total, with 9 airlines and 4 hotel groups offering their services — all transferring at a rate of 1:1 (pretty incredible!). In other words, if you wanted to make an award redemption at Hyatt for say 10,000 points, it would cost you 10,000 Ultimate Rewards just the same. While I am building it up to sound like a deal that can’t be beat, there are going to be certain transfers that may not be worth it. Last week I wrote an article about…

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    Credit Cards

    Why I tell people to ignore credit card annual fees?

    A lot of what I like to write about here is based on the conversations and questions I get from friends and family on credit cards. As the somewhat designated credit card consultant, I enjoy talking to friends and family about the benefits of credit cards and hopefully sway them in the right direction. I was recently speaking to my brother about credit cards and he was asking me what I thought about the new Marriott credit card. While I admittedly gave him a summarized version from the credit card’s website, there was one intriguing question that I wanted to elaborate on. “Ya I was attracted to the 100,000 points sign-up bonus,…

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    What should I do with my 90,000 Iberia Avios?

    As an avid miles and points enthusiast I am constantly stalking FlyerTalk forums and the many wonderful points blogs out there. And while sometimes it may seem obsessive, today I was able to stumble across something awesome. Earlier today, Lucky over at One Mile at a Time reported on the amazing Iberia promotion going on. The offer is pretty straightforward: Book a flight before June 24th and receive 9,000 Avios The flight must be on Iberia, Iberia Express, or Air Nostrum You must be an Iberia Plus member, which you can easily join here Tickets must be booked on iberia.com There is a limit of 10 tickets that can be booked…

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    What airlines should you transfer your Ultimate Rewards to?

    I’ve written pretty extensively about Chase Ultimate Rewards, and more recently I’ve written about some of the options in transferring your Ultimate Rewards. Specifically, the ability to transfer points directly to one of the 13 Chase travel partners. The reason I put such a high value on Ultimate Rewards is mostly because of the ability to do just that. While there is still a ton of value in redeeming through the Ultimate Rewards portal itself, I am of the stern belief that the most bang for your buck comes in transferring to one of these partners. Of course, there are some travel partners that just aren’t worth your Ultimate Rewards.…

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    Review: Delta One A330 JFK-ZRH

    I want to preface this review with some background knowledge about myself — for those that may be reading on my blog for the first time. I am an admitted Delta aficionado, which will not sway this review, but this is also my first international business class experience. My goal is to provide information on the flight, but also my personal thoughts on the experience. With that being said, you have to take into account the fact that I am basing this off of no previous personal experience in international business class — so excuse my (possibly) over zealous assumptions. Booking I booked this flight with 70,000 Delta SkyMiles and…

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    Does new Capital One Venture benefit change the cards value?

    One of the big announcements in the world of credit cards today was the introduction of new benefits for the Capital One Venture card. Specifically, the Capital One Venture Rewards card will have a Global Entry fee credit every 4 years. While this is an often overlooked benefit from credit cards, as it is available with many cards these days, I can’t imagine a life without TSA PreCheck. While this is a pretty generic upgrade, and a positive one at that, I wanted to take this time to talk about how this changes my outlook on the Capital One Venture card. If you’ve even just browsed my site, you’ve probably noticed…

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    Chase Ultimate Rewards: Transferring from a business account to a personal account

    I started this series a bit ago and then got caught up in other things. So I want to go ahead and continue on with the series as I know everyone has been anxiously waiting for the next installment — I assume no one has been able transfer their Ultimate Rewards from a business account. Whatever will you do! Transferring between personal accounts (combining points) Transferring from a business account to a personal account Transferring Ultimate Rewards to a travel partner Transferring your points to someone else Tips & Tricks to managing your Chase points

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    Delta One vs. Air Canada 787 Business Class

    I recently got back from not only an amazing trip in Europe with my family, but also my first opportunity to try international business class! I’ve spoken a little about the booking process, where I needed to be and when, and what made me decide to fly what I did. But in this post I wanted to briefly put the two products head to head. While these aren’t products that are typically put up head to head, why the hell not. Interested to hear the responses, as I’m hoping that to maybe bring this in as a recurring installment. Let’s first review: Delta One – Airbus A330-200, JFK-ZRH Booked through…