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One man’s strategy to getting targeted for promotions

I think the points and miles gods are finally beginning to hear my prayers. For a while now I have always wondered what the secret ingredient was to getting targeted for an airline or hotel promotion. I’ve traveled a lot, I’m active across different programs, but for some reason I haven’t done enough to be ...

I Finally got a United Targeted Promotion

I logged on to my United app to check the status of an upcoming flight and was surprised to find the following targeted promotion sitting in my account. The rules of the promotion seem to be pretty straightforward: Book and take a trip on United or United Express® before March 11, 2018, spending at least ...

I’m considering giving some of my business to United

Disclaimer: I began this post the night before my fiasco with United and Marriott started. The issue was never resolved, so I ended up flying without my status, but I will be following up on the issue directly with United. For the purposes of this post, I am removing that hiccup from my memory. I ...

Delta Resort Victoria, British Columbia

Marriott and United are on my s*it list right now

One of the best travel programs out there right now is RewardsPlus — the joint venture between United and Marriott that allow their elite members to enjoy benefits across both programs. The basics of the program are: If you are a Marriott Rewards Platinum member, you get complimentary United MileagePlus Premier Silver.  If you are ...

American to offer in-flight compensation

With the announcement that American offers in-flight compensation, what other airlines offer that sort of benefit.

3 strategies to top level elite status

Wanting to travel with elite-like perks? Learn about some lesser-known strategies on achieving elite status with very little travel.

Marriott logo shining in the evening

Why I’m holding off on Marriott Gold for the status “quad”-fecta

Something that I’ve been contemplating over the last few weeks has been the Marriott Gold “road-to” challenge. For those that aren’t aware, Marriott offers a pretty sweet deal to fast track to either their Gold or Platinum elite status. This “road-to” offer gives anyone with either Silver or Gold elite the chance to complete a ...