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    Review: Delta One A330 JFK-ZRH

    I want to preface this review with some background knowledge about myself — for those that may be reading on my blog for the first time. I am an admitted Delta aficionado, which will not sway this review, but this is also my first international business class experience. My goal is to provide information on the flight, but also my personal thoughts on the experience. With that being said, you have to take into account the fact that I am basing this off of no previous personal experience in international business class — so excuse my (possibly) over zealous assumptions. Booking I booked this flight with 70,000 Delta SkyMiles and…

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    Delta One vs. Air Canada 787 Business Class

    I recently got back from not only an amazing trip in Europe with my family, but also my first opportunity to try international business class! I’ve spoken a little about the booking process, where I needed to be and when, and what made me decide to fly what I did. But in this post I wanted to briefly put the two products head to head. While these aren’t products that are typically put up head to head, why the hell not. Interested to hear the responses, as I’m hoping that to maybe bring this in as a recurring installment. Let’s first review: Delta One – Airbus A330-200, JFK-ZRH Booked through…

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    My 2 cents on the Delta and Men’s Curling situation

    Even though it seems like this situation has been beaten to death, I wanted to throw out my 2 cents on the Delta situation with US men’s curling. As an avid sports fan and av geek, especially with Delta, I feel it is my duty to weigh in — although, I know better than anyone there isn’t too much weight to my claims. To summarize the events After the US men’s curling team’s gold medal winning match on Saturday, there was a tweet sent out from their account requesting Delta for an upgrade on their flight home. As the old saying goes, “shooters shoot” — and in this business, the…

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    I’m considering giving some of my business to United

    Disclaimer: I began this post the night before my fiasco with United and Marriott started. The issue was never resolved, so I ended up flying without my status, but I will be following up on the issue directly with United. For the purposes of this post, I am removing that hiccup from my memory. I want to start off saying that I won’t ever talk ill of Delta. I have not only traveled with Delta the most over the past year, but I have had the least amount of issues with them. On a weekly basis, I firmly believe Delta is the best airline to travel with. From the people…

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    I’m downgrading my Gold Delta Skymiles card

    Credit cards can be an be an incredibly tricky game, but if you stay disciplined and organized it can be exceedingly rewarding. We already know this, though. One strategy of that “game” is ensuring that you strategically sign-up, downgrade and even possibly cancel cards. One of the great things about many cards is the trial year banks give you to carry a card for a year, earn points, make use of the benefits, and not pay any annual fee. For a lot of these cards, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you will even receive the huge sign-up bonus before paying any fee. And depending on your credit card strategy, you can receive…