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My 2 cents on the Delta and Men’s Curling situation

Even though it seems like this situation has been beaten to death, I wanted to throw out my 2 cents on the Delta situation with US men’s curling. As an avid sports fan and av geek, especially with Delta, I feel it is my duty to weigh in — although, I know better than anyone ...

I’m considering giving some of my business to United

Disclaimer: I began this post the night before my fiasco with United and Marriott started. The issue was never resolved, so I ended up flying without my status, but I will be following up on the issue directly with United. For the purposes of this post, I am removing that hiccup from my memory. I ...

Chase Sapphire Reserve and Gold Delta Skymiles card from american express

I’m downgrading my Gold Delta Skymiles card

Credit cards can be an be an incredibly tricky game, but if you stay disciplined and organized it can be exceedingly rewarding. We already know this, though. One strategy of that “game” is ensuring that you strategically sign-up, downgrade and even possibly cancel cards. One of the great things about many cards is the trial year banks ...

Delta One Suite on board an Airbus A350

What I’m most and least excited about for Platinum status with Delta

What are some of the best and worst benefits of Platinum Medallion status with Delta.

Which Delta Platinum perk should I choose?

Breaking down the options of your Choice Benefit when reaching Platinum Medallion Status with Delta.