Making miles on a mattress

I have admittedly been poor on getting blog posts out lately, but I have a semi-good reason.

Recently I’ve talked about my move to the Washington DC area, which was completed about 2 months ago, but I have just finished a move into my own place. So I hate making excuses, but between work and everything that goes with moving, I haven’t had a lot of down time to write.

But no matter what, I always have points and miles in the back of my mind. And with the move into a new place, I have had plenty of opportunity to spend money. Which is unfortunate for my bank account, but definitely a good opportunity to gain some points.

So what I wanted to do in this post is share a small success story in the world of points, and help all of you ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

The backstory

I have been so fortunate over the past month that I have had very little expenses. Living with family is one of the biggest blessings I can ask for, not only for the conversations and cameraderie, but also for the bank account. (I was getting away with free rent from the grandparents!)

But I am a pretty independent person, and after two years of living in my own apartment, I was ready to get my own place. And to save you from all the details, I was bringing a lot of furniture and supplies from my past arrangements, but there was one thing I knew I needed to upgrade.

I was using a passed down mattress, which I decided not to lug across the country, so I knew that I wanted to invest in a decent mattress. And after plenty of online vetting, and some in-store tests, I was going to decide on one of the in-box foam mattresses. With the doorstop delivery making a huge difference for me!

So while there are a ton of different options online, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t wasting my money, but also not spending any more than I need to. Which allowed me to begin to narrow my options a bit.

One thing to do with all online purchases

Something that I have definitely done more of over the last few months is use cash back sites like Mr. Rebates or ebates, as well as online shopping portals. A lot of people (myself included at one point) tend to think that the time invested is not really worth the return. And while that may be true on one transaction, it definitely adds up — and I believe the “extra work” is pretty insignificant.

Being the millennial that I am, I would much rather sit on my computer and shop, and have it delivered to my doorstep, than go out and search around shopping store to store (or maybe that’s just being lazy). And while that may seem lazy, in terms of points and miles, there is way more opportunity for bonus points online.

When I say that the extra work to get these bonuses is minute, I am not joking. For a shopping portal like the one with Chase Ultimate Rewards, you essentially log in, select the store you want to shop at, then shop normally as if you are on the site any other time. There is no difference in the look or navigation, just simply will be receiving any kind of bonus that is running for that site.

And it gets even easier than that — enter

I’ve spoken about this site in a previous post, but I wanted to bring it up again because it once again proved its worth. If you haven’t already, save it to your bookmarks and every time you make a purchase first search on evreward to see if you could be getting even more bang for your buck.

Where it comes into this story

So I was searching all across the internet for reviews, special offers, coupons, etc. on these different mattresses to finally narrow it down to 3 or 4 that I thought offered a comparable quality. It came down to which one offered me the best deal.

If you’ve heard of any of these mattress companies, be it Leesa, Casper, etc. than you’re probably aware of the almost ever-present deals they offer. They promote it as a “limited time event,” but the deals are almost baked into the pricing at this point. So while I most definitely was not going to reject a sale, I was treating them equally with the sale price each was listed at.

So as my last form of “ground-work,” I checked with on the last few mattress companies I had narrowed it down to. And knowing the relative small-market nature of these companies, I wasn’t too optimistic that I would have any luck. Boy was I surprised though after searching with Nectar mattresses.

As you’ll notice, Nectar mattresses offer some awesome opportunities for points. Especially compared to the other companies that returned nothing.

Using evreward is even easier. Whichever points or mileage program you decide to use, simply click the orange arrow and you will be redirected to sign-in to the shopping portal. As mentioned previously, you will just shop the site like you would any other day.

What I saved

So in this situation I decided to go with the Southwest option of 1,800 Rapid Rewards points per purchase. You’ll notice with this website, there are no options to earn per dollar, rather it is a set amount of miles/points you’ll earn if you simply spend on the site.

Of course, the site owners expect anyone visiting the site to be buying a mattress, you could theoretically buy something cheaper like a memory foam pillow ($75) and still get the same kind of return. (definitely a lot better price per point earning potential)

And as you can also see, evreward mentions the promo going on at Nectar aside from points and mile. That is a public offer, but still cool to see as some other websites may not make their sales so public.

So to wrap up, I’m earning:

  • About 750 Chase Ultimate Reward Points. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity for me to get a spending bonus from my credit cards, so I had to go with my Chase Sapphire Reserve(Once I get the Chase Freedom Unlimited, I’ll earn 1.5x the amount of UR points)
  • 1,800 Rapid Reward points. Depending on where you value Rapid Rewards, this has a cash value around $35. But because of Southwest’s awesome fares, you could potentially score a free flight at this price!
  • And a brand new mattress, on sale, with 2 free pillows!

Bottom Line

While I am in no way suggesting that you go out and buy a Nectar mattress, I want to point out the importance of ensuring that you are getting the most miles for your buck. To start, bookmark, and every time you are making a purchase online be sure to check that site to ensure you aren’t missing out on some potential points!


Tucker is an avid points and miles enthusiast. Being fully involved in the world of credit cards and frequent flying for only a few years now, he brings a very fresh and unique perspective to the world of travel.

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