Save money at the pump with your Chase Sapphire card

In my short tenure as a miles and points geek, I have seen a lot of targeted opportunities to earn bonus points at select retailers. The one bonus that I have really taken advantage of in the past is Best Buy’s continuing relationship with Chase — offering up to 10x points on $300 in purchases when using Chase’s mobile wallet, Chase Pay. What I don’t see as much is a straight up discount on spend — up until today.

I got an email earlier about a special promotion Chase is running with Shell gas stations. It looks like Shell has recently kicked off an awards program to entice drivers to use their gas stations, while also rewarding those drivers for their loyalty with discounts at the pump. As someone who looks for a discount at every turn, I think this is an awesome concept — especially if there are Shell gas stations close to you. Normally, though, I don’t go to gas stations nearly enough to earn any kind of benefits. That is why I love this promotion that Shell and Chase are running.

Basics of the promotion


The basics are simple — any Chase Sapphire Reserve or Preferred cardholder gets automatic Gold status through the end of 2018 with this new ‘Fuel Rewards’ program from Shell. And as you can see, what that status means is 5 cents off per gallon, every time you got to a Shell gas station.

Next Steps

Is this worth it? Absolutely. (this isn’t really a question, honestly — this requires close to nothing on your part)

Unlike a similar promotion with Starbucks, where you had to load $20 from Chase Pay onto your account and then receive Gold Status, this requires absolutely no money, and very little effort. If you have one of the Chase Sapphire products, check your inbox associated with the card and you should have a similar promotion. If you can’t find it, visit the site here Chase and Fuel Rewards.

In the email there will be a hyperlink to “Get Started” — which will simply ask you to add your Fuel Rewards info (if you are already a member) or create an account if you are new. I did not have an account already created so I had to create an account — which was incredibly straightforward and quick. The important thing to note is that it will ask you to enter a phone number, which will serve as your Alternate ID. This is the number you will be asked to enter at the pump to get your 5 cents/gallon discount — so don’t forget it!


This isn’t the biggest saving, but it doesn’t hurt

Ultimately, you are only saving 5 cents/gallon. If you do the math, you’d have to fill up 20 gallons just to save $1. This doesn’t sound like the craziest of savings, but if you are driving with any kind of frequency the savings could add up and represent a ton of value over the long term.

In my situation, I don’t think that I will get a ton of value out of this, as I really only fill up at most once a month — but my thoughts are “why not?” It took me all of 5 minutes to set up, and my alternate ID is my phone number, so now I will look for Shell stations and enter my phone number to save maybe 50 cents a visit. Also, I’m getting 5 points per dollar spent at gas stations with the Chase Freedom right now. While I’m not wasting gas, I’m definitely more willing to sign up!

Bottom Line

If you have a Chase Sapphire Product and you ever find yourself at a gas station — sign up for the Fuel Rewards program. It may not represent the most lucrative opportunity you’ve ever come across, but if anything you get one more program to say that you’re Gold Status with.

Tucker is an avid points and miles enthusiast. Being fully involved in the world of credit cards and frequent flying for only a few years now, he brings a very fresh and unique perspective to the world of travel.

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