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What I’m most and least excited about for Platinum status with Delta

I recently wrote an article about choosing my Delta Platinum perk for 2018, and with that talked about how excited I was for a year of Platinum status. I wanted to take a step back and talk about some of the things I’m most excited about for a year of Platinum with Delta, but then also what I find lacking with this status with Delta.

First things first, I will actually have the status until February 2019. So right there, I’m excited about the extra month of status I’m afforded (in the event that I don’t re-qualify this year).

So let’s first look at the benefits of Platinum Medallion status.

  • I’ll earn 9 Medallion Qualifying Miles per dollar spent on flights
  • 1 Choice Benefit
  • Unlimited Complimentary upgrades that can clear 5 days prior to departure
  • Waived baggage fees 
  • Waived standby and same-day confirmed fees
  • SkyPriority boarding
  • SPG Crossover Reward

Ultimately, I don’t think there are a ton of incredible upgrades you get when going from Gold to Platinum. Based on Delta’s recent increase of the Diamond Medallion threshold to 125,000, there has obviously been a push to make Diamond more exclusive. As someone who flies Delta weekly, I can affirmatively say that Delta is HUGE for business travelers — on any flight into Atlanta, boarding in Zone 1 is the end of the line.

What I’m most excited for

Complimentary Upgrades

I find Delta to be the best in terms of overall customer experience among the “Big 3” (Delta, American, United). 9/10 times I find the flight attendants to be very courteous (there will always be grumpy FAs), the customer service reps over the phone are always very helpful, and the problems always just seem to be handled in the most proper manner. But the overall customer experience is extremely enhanced when you get upgraded to First Class. Most airlines are following suit, but Delta seems to be the most forward-thinking on this front. From pre-flight drinks to more extensive snack and drink options, Delta definitely has a well thought out product of service no matter what route or plane you are flying on. Ultimately, having Platinum does not ensure me getting upgraded at all, but it definitely increases my chances. As a classic millenial, I get excited about the increased chance to get “pampered” in First Class. Having Platinum gets me one rung higher on that list.

Platinum also gets me immediate upgrades to Delta Comfort+ when available — while this doesn’t change a ton from Gold, it is nice to know sooner.

Choice Benefits

I won’t go into this a ton, as I’ve already spoke extensively about the Choice Benefits in another post, but I thought it was worth noting as it is something I’m very excited about moving from Gold to Platinum. Unlike some of the benefits here, this is maybe the largest difference and one I’m most excited about initially. I still have time to make a decision, which I will keep you all updated on.

What I would like to see Delta do better

Obviously, I think Delta does a lot of things right. At this time I don’t see myself jumping ship — when you travel as much as I do, and have to connect, it helps to fly with such reliable care and service. But of course, there are always things that you wish could be better…


The one biggest thing I wish Delta would change is their boarding procedures. Compared to the rest of the ‘Big 3,’ Delta has a much more compressed boarding process. I think at times this has its advantages, but for the most part adopting a boarding process like American’s 6 stage process makes more sense to me. Going from Gold to Platinum, I will board in the same group, nothing changes. While this doesn’t make a ton of difference, I would appreciate some kind of upgrade — as I really don’t feel like I was awarded for continuing service with the company.

Choice Benefit

I understand that Delta is trying to create a significant upgrade for their Diamond elites, but I think the Choice Benefits for Diamonds is incredibly better than the ones offered for Platinum elites. This is admittedly a problem I would love to have, but why not ask for more? I really wish that there was some kind of SkyClub benefit for Platinums as there is with Diamonds.


There are absolutely no benefits a Platinum could take to get into a SkyClub. As someone who flies Delta weekly I have never actually been in a SkyClub — incredibly sad. Once again, I understand that they are trying to make Diamond that much more lucrative, but I would love to be able to check out some SkyClubs.

Bottom Line

For the purpose of this blog I wanted to touch on some things that I wish Delta would do to better accommodate their Platinum members — in reality, I am very happy as is. Delta is not only the best with taking care of their customers every day, but they also make sure their loyal customers are properly taken care of. While I not only intend to continue flying with Delta on a weekly basis, I hope this year I can take advantage of some more luxury travels with them.


Tucker is an avid points and miles enthusiast. Being fully involved in the world of credit cards and frequent flying for only a few years now, he brings a very fresh and unique perspective to the world of travel.

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