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Should I make a hotel “mileage run” to maintain Discoverist status?

A lot of things have been written recently about Hyatt, and not necessarily great things. I have admittedly been out of blog game recently, and I am not one to make excuses, but certain “things” in my personal life have forced me to be off my game. Nevertheless, back to the things that matter.

A few weeks back I got an email from Hyatt:

hyattstatus.PNG I have talked recently about how I am very pro-Hyatt. There have been a lot of changes recently, and from what I’ve read, a lot of Hyatt loyalists are not happy with those changes. With the introduction of the World of Hyatt program came a lot of new features to Hyatt’s elite program. But I believe things are starting to turn around, and I really say that because that’s what I’ve read. There are plenty of elite travel blogs out there, but the one that I would recommend to anyone joining the hobby is One Mile at a Time — Lucky, who runs the site, seems to offer the most professional and unfiltered advice and content. He recently spoke to Hyatt’s new EVP of loyalty , the former Head of Loyalty with SPG, and I think this has a lot of people buzzing. While I have not been around the ‘game’ as long as most, everything I’ve read is that this is a very positive move for Hyatt. Just today they announced a partnership with Oasis a home sharing company similar to AirBnB– not only giving their members more opportunities when traveling, but becoming increasingly competitive in a market where many people have decided to pivot away from hotels.

The main reason in writing this article was not to lay out all the benefits of the new program, but talk about why I’ve decided to possibly make a hotel “mileage-run” to maintain status.

As noted in the email above, I only need one more night to maintain Discoverist status for next year. So this got me thinking one of two things — would I be staying in a Hyatt hotel before the end of the year, or would it be worth it to make a hotel “mileage-run” just to maintain status. To me it is a no-brainer– not only would I choose a Hyatt property over any other if I had the choice, but Hyatt is also a transfer partner with Chase — making the possibility of me transferring some of my Ultimate Rewards points towards a Hyatt stay a very high possibility.

When comparing to Marriott’s low-level status, Silver elite, Hyatt blows them out of the water. Silver status with Marriott really means nothing more than recognizing the fact that you’ve stayed with Marriott before. While the overall program may have its downfalls, Discoverist status has way more benefits than its counterparts. I recently talked about my first trip using points, where I outlined my stay at the Hyatt House Downtown Seattle. As a Discoverist, I received complimentary bottles of water, a room upgrade (better view, not a suite), and complimentary drink coupons. As someone who really hasn’t stayed at Hyatt much this year, it is awesome to get this treatment–to feel like some kind of “royal” elite.

So I plan on maintaining that status, but as a travel “hacker” what is the best way.

Book an awards stay?

One of the downfalls of the World of Hyatt program is that award stays don’t count towards elite status (if they did I wouldn’t be in this situation, anyways). Either way, that means I can’t use the ~5,000 points I have left to book an award stay with points+cash.

Sign up for the Hyatt credit card?

One of the many benefits of the Hyatt credit card is not only the free anniversary night, but also the complimentary Discoverist status. So all I have to do is sign up for the card and I get automatic status, no questions asked? Yes! And even though it does not take Chase’s 5/24 rule into consideration, it would affect any Chase application’s in my near future. I am sitting on 5 applications, so I think I want to hold off as this is probably not my top choice of cards right now. So that eliminates that.

Where does that leave me?

I think the only option I have left is biting the bullet and paying for a night out of pocket. I don’t have any planned vacations where intend to pay for hotels, so this will be a true hotel “mileage-run.” But hey, always could use an excuse to see something new.

Even though Hyatt properties seem to be somewhat “exclusive,” just because of the overall lack of properties, there are some great rates you can find on off-peak times. Earlier this year I stayed at the Hyatt House Downtown New Orleans for only $108 a night– such a great rate, I was planning on using points but didn’t. So while I would love to go somewhere different, that is always in the back of my mind. Hyatt House properties are usually on the lower end of the category rankings, so they are relatively cheap, but every one I have stayed at is incredibly nice.

Stay tuned for my update on this adventure!

Tucker is an avid points and miles enthusiast. Being fully involved in the world of credit cards and frequent flying for only a few years now, he brings a very fresh and unique perspective to the world of travel.

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